Little Mole & Honey Bear – New Publishing House of Lost and Found Fairy Tales and Fantasy Stories

Publisher: Jack Zipes

Motto: Unbury neglected authors and books from the twentieth century, before we are buried.


Founded in January 2018 by Jack Zipes, Little Mole & Honey Bear publishes unusual books for children and authors largely published during, before, and after World War I and World War II. They celebrate the poetic power of fantasy and illustrate how writers and illustrators have used their art to generate hope in their readers. Though created and published in the twentieth century, all these works are still highly relevant today. Some of the books published by Little Mole & Honey Bear have been translated from foreign languages and are unknown in English-speaking countries. Some of the books are adaptations or re-translations of unknown books. Important in all cases are aesthetic quality and political themes. Didacticism is not welcome.

Thus far, Zipes has collaborated with the University of Minnesota Press and Wayne State University Press to publish Fearless Ivan and His Faithful Horse Double-Hump by Pyotr Yershov (2018), The Book of the Hundred Riddles of the Fairy Bellaria  by Charles Leland (2018), The Giant Ohl and Tiny Tim by Christian Bärmann (2019), and Johnny Breadless. A Pacifist Fairy Tale (2020) by Paul Valliant-Couturier (2020). Two more books by Emery Kelen and Deirdre and William Conselman, Jr. will be published in 2020. All books are available and distributed by the University of Minnesota Press, Wayne State University Press, and Amazon.

In February, 2020, Little Mole and Honey Bear began a productive collaboration with Wise Ink Creative Publishing. Further information about this agency can be found on the Internet.


Forthcoming Books

Emery Kelen, Yussuf the Ostrich

Deirdre and Willliam Conselman, Jr., Keedle and All You’ve Wanted to Know about Fascism





3245 Irving Ave. S.

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408




Jack Zipes

phone (612) 483-6672


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