Dear Friends, I know that I promised to post another wise fairy tale concerning tyranny next week, but yesterday’s senate hearing about the truth of Ms. Ford’s accusations against Mr. Kavanaugh who “allegedly” tried to rape her was so disturbing that I am compelled to publish the tale below to help us understand what is happening in the public domain. Kavanaugh’s disgraceful bullying behavior and his sobbing declaration of innocence while he blatantly attacked Senator Klobuchar from my home state of Minnesota demand careful reflection. How can truth be told when it is smothered by a judge? Well, Édourard Laboulaye, one of the greatest professors of jurisprudence in the nineteenth century, a man responsible for the creation of the Statue of Liberty, may be able to help us. Here is the story which will appear with others in my book, Slap-Bam, The Art of Governing Men in November. More about tyranny next week. Falsehood and Truth Édouard Laboulaye In olden times, Falsehood and Truth resolved to live together like a pair of friends. Truth was a good person, simple, timid, and confident. Falsehood was a smooth talker, elegant and daring. One commanded, and the other always obeyed. Everything went well in such a friendly partnership. One day Falsehood suggested to Truth that it would do well to plant a tree that would provide them with blossoms and flowers in the spring, shade in the summer, and fruit in autumn. Truth […]

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