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Smack-Bam, or The Art of Governing Men

Come One and All to Magers & Quinn Sunday, January 13,   5pm – 7 pm     Two renowned Minneapolis actors, Maria Asp and Leif Jurgensen, will display how truths can be discovered in fairy tales, while Jack Zipes will speak about how he discovered the political tales of Edouard Laboulaye and why they are still so relevant for surviving in our present perverse world.   Smack-Bam, or The Art of Governing Men Political Fairy Tales Édouard Laboulaye Translated and edited by Jack Zipes Wry political fairy tales from a nineteenth-century politician that speak to our current times Edouard Laboulaye (1811-1883), one of nineteenth-century France’s most prominent politicians and an instrumental figure in establishing the Statue of Liberty, was also a prolific writer of fairy tales. Smack-Barn, or The Art of Governing Men brings together sixteen of Laboulaye’s most artful stories in new translations. Filled with biting social commentary and strong notions of social justice, these rediscovered tales continue to impart lessons today. Inspired by folktales from such places as Estonia, Germany, Iceland, and Italy, Laboulaye’s deceptively entertaining stories explore the relationships between society and the ruling classes. In this collection, Jack Zipes, the most important fairy-tale scholar of his gen-eration, revives the considerable work of nineteenth-century French jurist and politician Édouard Laboulaye, whose fairy tales have not been previously anthologized, much less repub-lished or critically studied This latest discovery is a welcome one, and Zipes’s translations of the tales are […]

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