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Dear Friends, Most people don’t realize how wise fairy tales are and how they speak truth to abusiove authoritarian rulers. So today and next week, I shall share a bit of wisdom with you that might help the pope and cardinals of the Catholic church. Next week, a bit of truth for tyrants and their followers. Never lose hope! Jack Zipes     The Three Languages: There was once an old count who lived in Switzerland, and he had an only son, who was quite stupid and could not learn anything. “Listen, my son,” the father said. I can’t get anything to sink into your head, no matter how much I try. So, I’m sending you away from here and placing you under the care of a famous master. Let us see what he can do with you.” The young man was sent to a strange city and stayed with the master for a whole year. At the end of this time he came home, and his father asked, “Well, my son, what have you learned?” “Father,” he responded, “I’ve learned to understand the barking of dogs.” “May God have mercy on us!” the father exclaimed. “Is that all you’ve learned? Well, now I’m going to send you to a master in another city.” The young man was taken there and stayed one year with the master as well. When he came back home, his father asked again, “My son, […]

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